The Menace 10th anniversary edition CD

  • The Menace 10th anniversary edition CD

This old classic is turning 10 years. We are celebrating with a special 10th-anniversary edition. New cover. A remake of original The Menace by Marcos Cabrera. Featuring all-time classics Ultra fucking thrash, Brutal gadget and a very special never before released bonus, Mass Destruction and Agents Of Mosh.

1. A.S.F.H.
2. Ultra Thrash
3. Internal Pollution
4. Flesh-Collector Machine
5. Holy Punishment
6. Dead By The Fistfull Of Violence
7. Spawn
8. Brutal Gadget
9. The Last Monkey
10. Unleash The Beast
11. Mummified By Society
12. Electric Possesion
13. Agents Of Mosh (Bonus track)
14. Mass Destruction (Bonus track - Live 2008)

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